Textile and Fabric for Direct /Paper Sublimation printing , directly from Asia managed by westren managers, Rolls UP TO 10' Roll width, We Looking for Distrubitors World wide .CALL US NOW +86 1390 3059 981

EPISublimationTextile has the capability to manage the procurement needs of national and international companies.

We are part of an asian network of independent manufacturers and distributors known as East pak LTD.

Our expirience and logistic companies that work with us will help providing your orders to any location efficiently, so you can reduce your overall cost of procurement.

We understand that often the most significant reason to choose a international sourcing is to reduce costs while keeping the suplier reliable and consistant.

These are some of the ways EPI Sublimation Textile incorporates eastpak LTD network will help you reduce costs:

  • With E-Commerce, multi-location customers can have centralized ordering and billing. Our web based ordering system can track and manage purchases, as well as offer reporting capabilities.
  • By working with us you will enjoy asian market prices with an high experienced western engineers management to insure quality and lead times.
  • Because our staff are in the printing industry distribution for more then 20 years.
  • EPI sublimation textile specialized in high quality sublimation textile for direct sublimation..

Contact EPI Sublimatiion Textile Sales Representative if a national or international sourcing relationship may provide additional value for your multi-location business.

Sublimation textile, all you need to know

sublimation textile is a serious business, our company, episublimationtextile are in the printing supply business for more then a decade and during this time we learned the hard way the differences between a good quality and lame sublimation textile rolls after dealing with many textile manufacturers in asia. our company is located in china and all sublimation textile rolls we sell at wholesale prices in big rolls 50 and 100 meters long, we manage the shipping, the quality examination and most important, we are here in china to test it first. we in episublimationtextile believe that in order to keep print shop with good business a wholesale sublimation textile should be good in three things. 1. give a good wholesale textile prices in order to keep the clients competitive in their local market. 2. selling low quality stands will eventually cause damage to the printer and bring low results of the sublimation printing sublimation fabric rolls we ship is quality guaranteed. 3. lead time in the wholesale business is a major factor, allot of sublimation textileproviders especially in asia are causing a financial issues and stock problems for print shops, so with us, you will be manage to save yourself the trouble and worries, our lead time is guarantee. our company specialized in sublimation textiles for the printing industry and we offer several models to choose from, again, in order to know which model best suits your needs it will be better to look at it per project. the type of sublimation printing textile you use is varies between the type of application you need to use it, the finish of the the textile and last most important, the width and height of the the textile roll that your sublimation printer will accept. for example we offer sublimation rolls of textile up to 3.2 meters width, not all printers will be able to use it, please look at your
sublimation textile
printer manual to see more information. besides the height of the
sublimation textile
roll there is also the issue of the total weight of roll that the sublimation printer roller is capable on holding. we offer several type of finishes for our sublimation textile rolls, we have perforated, glossy, semi gloss, matt and any other type of sublimation textile roll you need in order to apply to your clients applications. for further information contact us and our representative will be more then happy to serve you.